We love demonstrating photography techniques and processes! 

Being in the heart of the Civil War our favorite process to demonstrate is Wet Plate Collodion at local battlefields, but do you know that we also demonstrate for other events, classes and clubs? We also demonstrate other processes as well! Contact us for rates, if you are a photography/historical club or non-profit organization we typically demonstrate for free or at a discount as our schedule allows.


We've narrowed down our requirements for nearly all of our process demonstrations. Water, Light and Dark. We typically need access to water and either a drain or earth to dispose of wash water only as all exhausted chemicals are packed out and properly disposed of. We also need light, be it the sun or artificial light. If a demonstration is indoors we will bring artificial light but will need easy access to electricity. Lastly, we need dark. If you can provide us with a dark room that we can light with safelights we'll be able to demonstrate the bulk of processes to attendees. If not, some steps may need to be handled inside our darkbox.

If we're bringing our living history camp we request a 20x20' section of land so that we can set up our 10x10 Civil War wall Tent with proper guy lines and also have room in front for the darkbox, camera, table and chairs.

Interested in Wet Plate Collodion demonstrations?

We have two Wet Plate Collodion demonstrations, a living history camp with authentic and replica equipment and an indoor demonstration with more modern equipment. No matter what demonstration style you choose, we're creating tintypes and ambrotypes with a 100% authentic technique pulled directly from textbooks during the 1850's! Everything from cleaning the plates, coating, developing and varnishing uses chemicals used in the mid 1800's.

Our demonstration can be modified to fit nearly any time slot, we gladly talk photographic history from the late 1700's to modern photography with an extensive section on Wet Plate Collodion of course. Followed by a discussion of chemicals, equipment and multiple demonstrations.

Have you seen one of our Wet Plate demonstrations?

We're honored to have demonstrated the Wet Plate Collodion process at the following locations:
Harpers Ferry West Virginia (and workshops)
Antietam Battlefield
Kernstown Battlefield
Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office
The Town of Middletown (150th Ransom of Middletown Event)
National Museum of Civil War Medicine (Pry House)
Carroll County Farm Museum
And many more...!

Contact us if you think your visitors or members would enjoy a demonstration of a photographic process, but be warned that we book up quickly!

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